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Why Healthy Cells are Critical to Overall Health

healthy cells1In a single word, the health benefits of glutathione is your cells. Your cells are responsible for both good/bad health. A healthy body is free of disease and drugs. Healthy cells enable you to be strong and full of energy and fight off any disease that comes your way.

Importance of Incorporating Nutrition Supplement

Glutathione is the building block for a healthy cellular foundation. Our food supply nowadays is not the same as it was 30 years ago. Nutrient depleted soils are the norm in farming now and the farmers are not subsidized to add those vital nutrients back into the soil. Only the ones that make things grow faster. Bottom line, our food is killing us slowly. The only way to counter this attack aside from becoming an organic farmer in a truly nutrient rich soil is to supplement. Whole food supplements are starting to creep into the mainstream and I highly suggest investing in these products. Take care of your cells and they will take care of you.

How Our Cells Work in Our Body

Each of us has trillions of cells and each day millions of cells reproduce. In order to reproduce healthy cells, our bodies need Glutathione (GSH) in order to facilitate the repair of any damage cells. Without it, free radical damage can run amock and bad things start to happen.

How Exactly Glutathione Works

Glutathione (GSH) is the master antioxidant produced in the cell and crucial for our immune system to function properly. GSH protects the cell from free radical damage caused by toxins, UV radiation, pollution and so on. Elevated glutathione levels enable the body to produce the white blood cells. White blood cells are the body's garbage collectors and are the most important cells for maintaining sterility of the body fluids. Put simply, glutathione is 'food' for the white blood cells. When the body has the health and nourishment it needs, it works endlessly to eliminate acidic toxins and to protect itself. Increased levels of environmental pollution are stripping the body's store of glutathione more and more rapidly. Our main organ of detoxification of acidic waste products is the lymphatic system and the liver. This is the body's most concentrated source of glutathione.

Are Toxins Really the Problem?

Modern research shows that we are the first generation exposed to such an astronomical number of chemicals on an each and every day. We are now finding a new chemical substance in our workplace every 9 seconds. Over one million tons of chemicals were produced in the 1940’s. Now that figure is close to 400 million tons. Research shows we commonly come in contact with nearly 4,000 ingredients, many of which are carcinogenic and toxic. Toxins and chemicals are literally distributed by the wind around the world. There is no safe place on our planet.

What does all this mean to your body?

While your body was designed to detoxify and rid itself of dangerous chemicals, it is not equipped to handle this overload of toxins. Your cells are under constant bombardment with this challenging burden. This is why we have such a huge increase in disease amongst all age groups. The World Health Organization states "in the next 10 years 400 million people will die prematurely from chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, etc. making it worse than ANY other natural disaster, epidemic etc. in the history of mankind." Due to toxic overload and the deficiency of proper nutrients put our cells in crisis and our levels of intracellular glutathione (GSH) severely depleted resulting in disease and eventually death. There are many clinical studies being conducted on the health benefits of glutathione

Glutathione from Triotein

NHT Global TRIOTEIN 150x101Understanding how to protect your trillions of cells and keep them healthy is vital to your long-term health. Have the power of your master antioxidant, glutathione protecting your cells and keeping them free from the disease each and every day.
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