NHT Global product discount

We LOVE our regular customers, therefore we are offering a new Prefered Customer Programm where you can get up to 30% discount on ALL NHT Global products! 

Key Benefits

preferred customer


  • Enjoy your favourite products
  • No forced purchases
  • No obligations
  • Check and try out NHT Global bestselling products with a huge discount!
  • Enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

How To become a Prefered Customer:

  • Click on this LINK
  • Choose your country in the dropdown list
  • Accept all the terms and conditions and proceed to the product order
  • Choose your favourite NHT Global products with the discount and proceed to the next step
  • Enter your details
  • That's it! Do the payment and you have finished 
  • Welcome to our growing Preferred Customer Base!

Check out wellness products!

NHT Global CURCUMORE 150x101While today’s life anticipation is higher than ever, many Westerners are not seeing an improved quality of life in their advanced years. Designed to help you live your best life possible from age 20 to 100, NHT Global’s CurcuMore channels the powerful health-boosting qualities of curcumin to strengthen crucial functions needed for healthy aging.* It’s formulated with a patented and clinically studied form of curcumin that is 31 times more bioavailable, making it more long-lasting and more powerful than other curcumin products on the market.

Preferred Customers are getting a 25% discount on All NHT Global Products. No Sign-up fee or minimum purchase requirements - for more details click here

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