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We are LOOKING FOR ENTREPRENEURS interested in creating Financial Independence through network marketing with a proven, financially stable, e-commerce global business model and company of 15+ years, currently doing business officially in 43 countries and now looking for leaders in Europe, USA, Canada and Africa to begin the process of developing those markets.

Our products can be demonstrated in minutes, are high quality and make it possible for anyone to build a vast network of distributors quickly. And the products are delivered right to your door anywhere in the European Union, USA, Canada and other countries.

About Me

I'm an Entrepreneur and independent distributor of an award-winning billion-dollar company whose mission it is to impact the world health and can help people with physical and financial pain and in the process to create the largest health & wellness company in the world.

My passion is to help people, to make a difference because I believe, that everyone regardless of background, gender or age has a right to live a healthy and happy life without financial worries.

I help 2 types of people:

Individuals who are looking for LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS such as:

  • Moms and Dads who want to Stay Home and Spend Quality Time with their Children.
  • Individuals who are Tired of the Corporate Rat Race and want to Take Charge of their Own Life.
  • People who just want to have More Time to enjoy the Fun Things in Life, like Hobbies or Traveling.
  • Baby Boomers who would like to enjoy their Retirement without Financial Worries.
  • Individuals, especially the Young Generation, who would like to be Free to Do Whatever They Want and Whenever They Want to Do It.

Individuals who are looking for HEALTH SOLUTIONS such as:

  • Healthy and Youthful Aging
  • Better health
  • Longer and Stronger Endurance
  • More Energy
  • Better and More Restful Sleep
  • Better Memory
  • More Focus and Mental Alertness
  • Beautiful Skin and more

Who we are?

We are working as NHT Global independent distributors. Our leaders have helped people all over the world change their lifestyle, build their careers and achieve their goals – professional and personal. This is your invitation to start your best life now.

About the company

NHT Global started on January 22nd, 2001, and have already sold over 2 billion U.S. dollars of products in the U.S., Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia and many other countries around the world, this company has helped thousands of people to achieve stable part-time or full-time income. You can be next!

This simple, but powerful marketing plan makes it possible to develop an excellent full-time monthly by simply duplicating what our successful leaders do.

The wellness/anti-aging all-natural products demonstrable in minutes, are high quality and make it possible for anyone to build a large network of distributors quickly.

Get to know NHT global

  • Global, e-commerce business opportunity from the comfort of home
  • High quality, immediate-impact products
  • Office and management team around the globe
  • Distribution in more than 40 countries
  • One of the highest pay-outs in the industry
  • Proud member of Direct Selling Association, www.dsa.org. View the Code of Ethics by which we abide and for information on the DSA Code complaint process.

How to earn income:

  • Retail profits
  • Earn Direct Sales Commissions
  • Earn bonuses on commission cycles received through your personally sponsored downline
  • Earn weekly commissions of combined team sales volume to infinity
For an above average income, the following is required:
  • a work commitment of at least 7-10 hours/week
  • Willingness to learn new abilities
  • following the teaching of experienced Leaders in the field
  • Commitment to stay in the business at least 2-3 year


Austria • Argentina • Australia • Barbados • Belgium • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • Colombia • Congo • Croatia • Czech Republic • Denmark • Egypt • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • Iceland • India • Indonesia • Ireland • Italy • Japan • Kazakhstan • Kenya • Korea • Latvia • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malaysia • Malta • Mexico • Mongolia • Namibia • Netherlands • New Zealand • Nigeria • Norway • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Puerto Rico • Republic of Cyprus • Romania • Rwanda • Saudi Arabia • Singapore • Slovakia • Slovenia • South Africa • Spain • Sweden • Taiwan • Tanzania • Thailand • Trinidad and Tobago • Turkey • Uganda • UK • Ukraine • United Arab Emirates (UAE) • United States (US) • Vietnam • Zambia • Zimbabwe