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Restore Silver - is it for you?

Feeling Tired All Day? Having No Control over Your Physical Needs? It could be due to Aging. Aging is unavoidable, but its effects are. The all new ReStor by NHT Global is a revolutionary nutritional supplement that gives you back the glow of youthfulness while benefitting your health and well-being in multiple ways. It comes with essential nutrients specifically formulated to revitalize your bodily functioning by improving levels of essential enzymes*.

How to know whether I am aging or under the effects of aging?

Effects of aging can be characterized by various symptoms including trouble sleeping, joint and muscle pain, increased muscle fatigue (feeling overly tired) and overactive bladder. These symptoms are mostly attributed to impaired bodily biological functions caused by declining levels of various nutrients and enzymes. Ca2+ ATPase is such an enzyme that is required by human body for almost all bodily functions. Reduction of Ca2+ ATPase can result in major symptoms of aging mentioned above*.

ReStor by NHT Global is a nutritional supplement that improves Ca2+ ATPase level in your body to directly support all bodily functions despite the daily stress and work. It is a plant-based proprietary blend with clinically tested results. Since it is developed on organic pharmaceutical grade ingredients, it is almost completely free from side-effects in both short term and long term*.

ReStor can make you young again!

The name says it all. This natural product is a patent pending formula developed on jasmine flower extract by Dr. Lyle Wilson. It comes with ingredients that can effectively enhance your bodily functioning while improving health and reducing both mental and physical health*.

Sometimes, A Good Sleep is All You Need to Stay Healthy

Experiencing trouble sleeping is common among adults nowadays. Researchers show that this is attributed to increased stress of daily routine and paying less attention to nutritional balance of the body. If you wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to get back to sleep, you are most probably under the effects of reduced Ca2+ ATPase. Taking sleeping tablets and other sleep aids will only force your body to sleep that can bring harmful effects in long term. Also, taking sleep aids at night result in drowsiness during the day*.

ReStor is formulated to improve your sleep through natural ways by bringing up the Ca2+ ATPase to the optimum level. It saves you from drowsiness during the day and harmful effects in long term. Improved levels of Ca2+ ATPase in the pineal gland can help gain easier time getting to sleep and also a deeper and undisturbed sleep*.

The sleep-wake cycle of your body is regulated by Melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland located in the center of the brain. The release of Melatonin is highly dependent on bodily available calcium level that is regulated by Ca2+ ATPase. Aging results in reduced and unbalanced levels of Ca2+ ATPase that result in lowered bodily calcium level. This directly affects the production of Melatonin which ultimately results in trouble sleeping*.

Also, it is important to note that increased level of Ca2+ ATPase is harmful to bodily functioning and health in the long run. Most pharmaceutical products available in the market are targeted at improving Ca2+ ATPase without control. This results in degenerative brain functioning in the long run. ReStor is a supplement that guarantees to maintain Ca2+ ATPase within the optimum level to avoid unnecessary side-effects*.

Feel Comfortable as Your Urinary Tract Function Healthily

Another effect of aging is impaired urinary tract function that can embarrass you at any time of the day; while you are in office, school or stuck in traffic. It is general that your bladder shows symptoms of impaired bladder functioning with age. It is largely attributed to the functioning of the bladder muscle which starts to become fatigue with aging. The bladder is composed of smooth muscle tissue that allows it to contract and relax during and after urination*.

ReStor can effectively improve the bladder muscle functioning by increasing Ca2+ ATPase level which results in improved bladder function and control in men with benign prostate hyperplasia and also in menopausal/premenopausal women or other individuals showing reduced hormone levels*.

Purchase ReStore from a Trusted Supplier

NHT Global SILVER 150x101Always choose a trusted supplier when buying pharmaceutical products to ensure high quality and genuineness of the products. NHT World is a supplier of genuine ReStor by NHT Global that revitalizes your body while improving sleep, bladder control and reducing muscle fatigue. All orders made are directly processed with the manufacturer of the product, NHT Global

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.