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Valura Lux - a Revolutionary product which will contribute to your manhood.

Men have been given more and more responsibilities in modern society, with the double tests from pressure, work and family, caused them has lack of masculinity, in additional to the early appearance of physical condition, with increasing age, it also leads to reduced testosterone level, thus give rise sexual recession problem, impact relations between the sexes, and destroy the harmony of family. It also results in a reduced red blood cell, bone injury. Society often overlooked concern for men's health and underestimated the male demand for self-maintenance.

Because most men do not understand the cause of this physical health problem and choose to use medication to solve the problem but ignore the side effects and burden on the body that caused by drugs. Therefore, recognize the source of the problem and choose natural, safe health approach is very important.

NHT Global developed an external use health product for men – Valura Lux. This product applied the Nobel Prize awarded, scientific principle of "Nitric Oxide Pathway”, selection of natural ingredients, injected extraordinary energy and vitality for the men who concerned about their health, this product well received by consumers for many years since launched. Recently, NHT Global launched an upgraded version of Valura Lux, this new version developed by the United States, hydroxybenzoic acid-free, more natural and healthier, it’s a great boon for loyal customers!

Valura Lux for Male Sexual Enhancement

Compensates for Normal Testosterone Decline with AGE

Testosterone decline

Valura Lux for:

  • Increased Virility
  • Increased Sexual Pleasure
  • Enhanced Sexual Intimacy

The developer of Valura Lux - Dr. Ronald Thompson

Valura Lux Technology

Dr. Ronald Thompson developed Valura Lux, based on the winning principle of Nobel medicine, physiology prizes in 1998, “Nitric Oxide Pathway", it is a natural component of male physical care products.

The main ingredient of Valura Lux is L-arginine and menthol, artificial preservatives free. L- arginine is based on the principle of Nitric Oxide Pathway, which stimulates the body to produce nitric oxide spontaneously (awarded Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology, 1998), Nitric oxide is a gas which can transfer messages for cell and stimulates cyclic GMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) production.

The new upgraded Valura Lux:

  • has increased the amount of L- arginine and menthol
  • from the perspective of men's sexuality and reproductive capacity, to enhance male vitality, improve harmonious intimacy
  • relieve andropause
  • enlarge local tissue, through vasodilatation

Valura Lux clinical study results:

Valura Lux Study

Tips for best use:

  • Apply 0.5 ml of Valura Lux to penis twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. Valura Lux is intended for continued daily use for at least 90 days.
  • For best results, Valura Lux should be used for at least three to six months. Valura Lux should be taken continuously to maintain benefits.

WARNING: Gradually return to pre-treatment state if Valura Lux discontinued!

Valura Lux

valura lux 112x300pxBuy your Valura Lux . Reformulated formula with better benefits. Exclusive for NHT Global. Valura Lux clinical study shows 30% average increase in size (using this product daily).

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