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Binary compensation plans are characterized by having two legs, and only two legs. This makes them very simple. Most binary comp plans will pay you commissions on your weak leg only – the smaller leg that has less volume. This keeps most people focused on building their weak leg, which is also known as the pay leg in a binary compensation plan.

Advantages of Binary Compensation Plans


Binary Compensation PlanKey benefit of the binary comp plan is that, in theory, everybody only needs to sponsor 2 distributors. The average person sponsors about 2.7 distributors, so the average person should be able to make a binary pay plan work. Indeed, if everyone sponsors 2, then the plan works perfectly.

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We are fast growing network and as sooner you join us - as more people we can sign under you. This means you have to do half of the work as other half will be done by us!

We always are enrolling people in one leg, therefore if you join now - you will have more people under you. In other words, they will work for you, instead of you working for them.

Why now?

NHT Global is expanding and in July, 2014 opened a new distribution for Europe - therefore Europe is open now, the same goes for Middle East and Africa. Also USA has a great potential to grow.

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We are carefully checking each new member request, therefore if you are interested to join our team and access our training site - please send your e-mail to info@nhtworld.com and we will contact you in 24h time. Please send us your Name, Country and phone/skype.