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NHT Global Compensation Plan Explained

NHT Global History

An area that gets much attention for any business opportunity is the compensation plan. Is it simple, can it be duplicated and most importantly is it lucrative? After all, the compensation plan is what will pay you and what will determine how the actions you take in building your business will translate into long-term residual income.

Make no mistake about it though even the most successful compensation plans require an effort to build and be rewarded from; anyone who tells you otherwise is not truthful to you.

The NHT Global compensation plan, when launched in 2001, was revolutionary. It created a complete paradigm shift in the network marketing industry because the NHT Global compensation plan was the industry's first true two team marketing plan. This meant that the simplicity of the binary compensation plan was enhanced removing the pitfalls that so many other companies and distributors had experienced.

NHT Global created a global, seamless e-commerce business model with an unlimited compensation plan at the heart of the business. This now allowed individuals to realize finally the benefits of being part of network marketing and utilize the powers of leverage and duplication.

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