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The NEW Alura Lux gel is more effective now!

alura lux bedIntroducing Alura Lux by NHT Global, NEW and IMPROVED formulation of our top selling lifestyle product Alura by Lux. 

Containing the same key combination of menthol and L-arginine and fully patented, Alura Lux is now more natural without the use of parabens while maintaining the same key ingredients and same full-body and anti-aging benefits. 

With this gel, 92% of women can reach the highest point of pleasure. And that in woman's life plays an important role. Alura brings a healthy relationship to a family; that takes away depression and various gynaecological diseases*.

Men do not like to talk about that, but they also suffer if they do not feel satisfaction in bed. Even if physically there is no such a significant affect to their health as women, psychologically they are not suffering less.

Speaking of men... Alura Gel is specially designed to enhance the sensitivity of women, but there is also positive affect to the health of men. It stimulates erection and potency*.

Due to Alura gel, many women notice’s an incredible transformation: from the normal quiet guy, partner turns into unbridled and full of energy man! *

This innovative gel serves as a topical vasodilator and depending on where you apply it Alura Lux can be used to:

  • alleviate migraines,
  • plump lips,
  • promote more youthful vaginal tissues,
  • heighten sensual pleasure,
  • help improve anal fissures, ulcers, and skin wounds,
  • increase fertility lubrication & sperm capacitation,
  • and more.

Romance and intimacy only die if you let it!


For centuries, women and men around the world have struggled to find answers to better relationships and greater sensual satisfaction. Statistics indicate that one out of every three break-ups is due to lack of intimacy. Today, intimacy has never been more promising thanks to this incredible product. According to Dr. Dale Keeton, renowned psychologist - "When intimacy is enhanced, the other dimensions of intimacy seem to improve communication increases and thus, the overall relationship is improved."
So join the thousands of satisfied couples who have made Alura the spice of their love lives and improve Your relationship*!
Feel alive and vibrant again! You will see optimum results if you use daily for 60 days.

The goal of creation.

Alura Lux has been created by a Board Certified OBGYN Dr. Ronald Thompson, this gel serves as a topical vasodilator that benefits the body in 6 vital areas—cranium, lips, genitals, anus, skin, and even fertility.

Based on the 1998 Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the NOS pathway for vasodilation, This patented formula consisting of L-Arginine and Menthol is safe, FDA-cleared, and clinically proven.

Ignarro has published numerous research articles. He received the Basic Research Prize of the American Heart Association in 1998. This was in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the advancement of cardiovascular science. That same year, he was inducted into the National Academy of Sciences and the following year, into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Because nitric oxide is indirectly involved in the action of this drug, he is sometimes referred to as the "Father of Viagra".[2]

Alura Lux Benefits

Alura by NHT Global is a moisturizing gel for the most fragile skin areas. Uniquely designed to refresh, invigorate and provide a pleasant feeling of well-being. Alura by NHT Global is a patented, safe, transparent viscous compound that contains ingredients that create cool tingling sensation when applied.

Alura by NHT Global is 100% water soluble and quickly moistens your skin making it feel fresh, alive and healthy. The unique combination of menthol and L-arginine is based on the Nitric Oxide Synthase Pathway, which brings blood to the surface. These active ingredients stimulate the tissue surfaces, resulting in increased blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels in the skin.

Recommended by Doctors

Since Alura Lux by NHT Global was introduced in 2001, millions of women have used the formula to improve their intimate pleasure as well for enhanced intimacy.
The product is also FDA cleared, and its formula is patented, so you won't find another feminine moisturizer quite like it anywhere else.

Where to buy Alura Lux

Alura Lux can be ordered from our online store, but if you are a regular customer, we advise you to register as our Preferred Customer and enjoy the regular customer discount for all nht global products!

Alura Lux Ingredients

  • Purified Water USP.
  • Propylene Glycol USP.
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose NF.
  • L-arginine USP.
  • Citric.
  • Acid USP.
  • Menthol USP.


Alura lux gel by NHT Global

NHT Global ALURA LUX ALURA LUX - a unique and unparalleled product in the world. It gives an internal health and beauty, so as external appeal and originality.
It is a useful and pleasant support in solving problems of intimacy. Today, all the world sexologists, gynaecologists agree that an orgasm is very important. This is a real medical and preventive treatment in terms of medicine and physiology. And this is not just a pleasure, not only health partners, is behind this has something more. Sexual energy - the most powerful energy of the universe. It is the power of life! *

Learn more about Alura Lux in our Alura Lux FAQ Page

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