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Herbal Products

NHT Global’s Herbal products combines the best of two seemingly contrasting worlds – East and West. NHT Global is working togeather with the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology to formulate herbal products that marry Western scientific and manufacturing standards with traditional Chinese medicine techniques that have been embraced by the East for thousands of years. Each precious ingredient is carefully selected by expert Chinese herbalists for its individual and synergistic impact, resulting in perfectly balanced formulas that benefit our most vital organs.

NHT Global CORDYCEPS 370x250

Introducing Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 product to help your kidneys to fight against modern age pollution.

Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4
NHT Global LIVAPRO 370x250

LivaPro by NHT Global -  8 ingredients that are perfectly matched for LivaPro and we are confident that it provides the best protection for your liver.

NHT Global PURUS 370x250

This unique complex formula can protect the heart and cardiovascular system and act as a natural antioxidant.