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FAQ About Triotein

  1. What is the product's bio-activity dependent upon?

A.Concentrations of  bioactive proteins contained in the milk serum: Thermolabiles, serum albumin, alpha lactalbumin and lactoferrin.

  1. What is the difference between colostrum and whey protein?

A.Colostrum has practically no cysteine molecules, the substrate needed for the intracellular production of glutathione. Colostrum is composed primarily of immunoglobulin and some lactoferrin - at least during the first 26 hours of production. As far as we know from experiments and clinical trials done in Germany, colostrum has shown no effect on the immune system due to the fact that the mechanism of action on the immune system is via stimulation of the synthesis of glutathione. The fact that glutathione precursors in the  immunoglobulin fractions are almost non-existent explains this lack of effect. On the other hand, Triotein contains substantial amounts of thermolabil proteins which are rich in cysteine  and glutamylcysteine and are known precursors (building blocks) of glutathione. The  replenishment of the glutathione in the lymphocytes determines the intensity of the immune  response. Glutathione optimizes the proliferation of antibodies and lymphocytes thus  destroying oxiradicals.

  1. How does the manufacturing of our product differ from other whey proteins?

A.In the manufacturing of other whey proteins several things happen: in the process of  heating and pasteurization critical bonds holding the cysteine molecules together are broken, thus destroying or diminishing the very proteins that serve to raise glutathione levels most effectively. We've developed a process by which these delicate proteins remain intact in their natural form to serve us most effectively.

  1. What is the difference in products or pills that people use as supplements that are stated to be glutathione or cysteine?

A.Glutathione is produced intracellularly, thus simply taking a pill does not increase one's  levels of this master oxidant. Triotein is a natural delivery system from the cysteine to the cell, allowing the cellular levels of glutathione to increase.

  1. What is difference in taking Triotein as opposed to taking other antioxidants?

A.Triotein is not an antioxidant but it provides the building blocks for the synthesis of glutathione which is the principal intracellular antioxidant. More importantly, glutathione serves as a detoxifying agent for multiple toxins that we encounter on a daily basis through the environment and medications we're exposed to. Glutathione has been shown to act as an effective protectant against ultraviolet radiation, an issue of great concern due to the  continued loss of our ozone layer.

  1. Can a person who is lactose intolerant take the product?

A.Yes, Triotein has less than 1% lactose which will not create any ill effects even in the most severe case of lactose intolerance.

  1. Who should not take the product?

A.People with an allergy to milk protein which is rare. Please note that "lactose intolerant" is not a milk allergy. Also anyone who has had an organ transplant and is receiving immunosuppressant therapy should not take the product.

  1. What is the recommended intake of protein for an average adult?

A.70-80 grams of protein/day.

  1. What is the best way to mix Triotein?

A.Use any kind of juice or liquid that is no warmer than lukewarm. Mix the product with the  liquid in some kind of a small container with a lid so that you can shake it. Then leave at room temperature for 15 minutes and shake it again...now it's ready to drink. It can also be mixed in applesauce, yogurt or sprinkled over cereal. DO NOT mix in a blender, DO NOT place in any liquid that is above lukewarm temperature. DO NOT let it remain mixed over one hour before drinking. This kills the bio-activity of the product.

  1. When using Triotein, how long does the product last?

A.On a normal maintenance dose of 10 gr./day the 300gr container will last a month. Here is a rule of thumb for optimum use; If a person has a serious ailment such as cancer, aids, kidney disease etc. we recommend 3 x 10gr/day until they notice a positive result, at which time they would go back to a normal maintenance dose. If a person is tired, stressed or simply needs extra energy then start with 2 x 10gr/day until they notice a positive result... then go back to a normal maintenance dose.

  1. How long till I notice a positive change?

A.Every individual is different so while we can't make any promises we've found that generally 1/3 of our customers get positive results within one to two weeks. 1/3 get positive results within two to four weeks. A minority will get positive results after sustained use on the product (ie; two to three months), which is why we recommend taking this product for an initial period of at least 90 days. We definitely recommend using Triotein daily as a preventive measure to enhance one's health and well-being even if one already considers themselves in excellent health.

  1. When I take Triotein should I consult my doctor?

A.Triotein is qualified as a food in Canada and a food supplement in the USA. There are no contra indications to this product except for the following; you should not take this product if you have a milk protein allergy as you will have a reaction, and as stated above, anyone who has had an organ transplant and is receiving immunosuppressant therapy should not take the product. Other than these rare cases everyone should consider using Triotein. If you are using Triotein for a specific ailment, by all means consult your doctor and have him/her contact us for more information.

  1. Do I have to take Triotein forever?

A.No, but when you get positive results from using Triotein you will understand the preventive benefit of regular use and will most likely not want to risk going back to your previous state of being. Enjoy it as a gift which enhances the quality of your life.

  1. Is Triotein priced competitively?

A.Definitively. The common mistake is to compare our product to a lower grade whey created for bodybuilding. There are a host of whey proteins on the market today which range from very inexpensive whey used to hold cupcakes together, to the body building grade, to the isolate composition with therapeutic properties which is what we are offering. Triotein is the highest grade whey protein isolate available on the market today at a very competitive price.


Glutathione from Triotein

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