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Why people are looking for additional income?

As people get to the retirement age, most realise that they are not prepared for the huge decrease in their monthly income.  Most people have no savings or any other residual income to supplement their pension. And as you might already know, that because of long-lively in our days, none of the governments haven't prepared for this and almost every pension plan around the world is underfunded. In the long term, it means, if you don‘ t have any alternative means of income, that you will have to work longer and will have delayed access to your pension benefits.
Therefore, the ability to add an extra 500 USD and up will drastically increase the average monthly income for retired people all over the world - and this is where Network Marketing comes very handy! 
People are figuring out what successful business models are and Network Marketing is one of those at the top. The classic business models don’t work as they used to and everyone knows it! 
Now you will see all sort of people with different backgrounds, starting from students and government employees till long term business owners,  using the Network Marketing business model as a vehicle for their financial stability.

About NHT Global and Me - the independent NHT Global distributor

I'm an Entrepreneur and independent distributor of an award-winning billion-dollar company whose mission it is to impact the world health and can help people in need and in the process to create the largest health & wellness company in the world.

My passion is to help people, to make a difference because I believe, that everyone regardless of background, gender or age has a right to live a healthy and happy life without financial worries.

This Network Marketing Business is best for:

Individuals who are looking for LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS such as:

  • Moms and Dads who want to Stay Home and Spend Quality Time with their Children.
  • Individuals who are Tired of the Corporate Rat Race and want to Take Charge of their Own Life.
  • People who just want to have More Time to enjoy the Fun Things in Life, like Hobbies or Traveling.
  • Baby Boomers who would like to enjoy their Retirement.
  • Individuals, especially the Young Generation, who would like to be Free to Do Whatever They Want and Whenever They Want to Do It.

Individuals who are looking for HEALTH SOLUTIONS such as:

  • Healthy and Youthful Aging
  • Better health
  • Longer and Stronger Endurance
  • More Energy
  • Better and More Restful Sleep
  • Better Memory
  • More Focus and Mental Alertness
  • Beautiful Skin and more

Who are we?


We are a group of Top Network Marketing Leaders who introduced this business model in Europe and moving to other new markets in Asia, Latin. We are independent distributors of a US-based network marketing company. This company started in 2001 and since that time has expanded the business to over 40+ countries.

The Simple but at the same time powerful marketing plan makes it possible to spend more time with your family, work in your hours and have your work-life balance under control.

Our wellness and anti-aging high-quality products with immediate impact help anyone to live a healthy and active lifestyle and attracts new customers or team members.

Lauris Stiglics
Business Owner and Coach


Austria • Argentina • Australia • Barbados • Belgium • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • Colombia • Congo • Croatia • Czech Republic • Denmark • Egypt • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • Iceland • India • Indonesia • Ireland • Italy • Japan • Kazakhstan • Kenya • Korea • Latvia • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malaysia • Malta • Mexico • Mongolia • Namibia • Netherlands • New Zealand • Nigeria • Norway • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Puerto Rico • Republic of Cyprus • Romania • Rwanda • Saudi Arabia • Singapore • Slovakia • Slovenia • South Africa • Spain • Sweden • Taiwan • Tanzania • Thailand • Trinidad and Tobago • Turkey • Uganda • UK • Ukraine • United Arab Emirates (UAE) • United States (US) • Vietnam • Zambia • Zimbabwe