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Stay Healthy and Fit while Making the Best out of Your Day with EnerGin

Feeling exhausted after a tedious routine may seem common and normal, but, it can also be a result of various other reasons that take away the energetic spirit from you and make you feel fatigued all day. Feeling overly tired all day even when sleeping is characterized by inertia, constant drowsiness and feeling less energetic.

With busy and tight daily schedules, people nowadays have less time for even the most important activities of daily life including eating and exercising. The majority of the individuals performing full-time jobs find it impossible to take the required six hours daily sleep. Consequences of lack of sleep are many including stress and exertion. Insomnia, in simple words, lack of sleep has become a major health issue among working individuals. Experiencing trouble sleeping is common among adults nowadays. Researchers show that this is largely attributed to the increased stress of daily routine and paying less attention to the nutritional balance of the body. If you wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to get back to sleep, you are most probably under the effects of developing insomnia*.

Say ‘No More’ to Artificial Energy Supplements

Using medication or excessive amounts of artificial pharmaceuticals as means of staying energetic have detrimental health effects in the long run. Most of these artificial energy supplements are formulated to force your body into extra work. It is more like commanding a weak power battery to perform more without actually recharging it. Side effects of such energy supplements can be extremely dangerous to health unless used on proper medical prescription*.

Knowing it is absolutely impossible to take a rest from work, is there a way to regain the lost energetic spirit?

Our answer is yes!

EnerGin – Revolutionary Energy Supplement with Clinically Proven Effects

EnerGin by NHT Global is a great way to boost your energy without taking a risk of harmful health effects in the short term or the long run. Most energy supplements available nowadays in the market are largely based on chemical pharmaceuticals while EnerGin is developed on Ginseng, the age-old oriental secret of healthy living. It effectively improves your metabolism to keep you up and energetic all day. EnerGin is another high-quality natural energy supplement by the global leader in wellness products, NHT Global. EnerGin is a unique power booster with stress-busting effects and also ability to improve the immune system. It can naturally increase energy levels and metabolism of your body while providing various other benefits*.

Ginseng – The Oriental Secret of Healthy Lifestyle

Ginseng has been used in Korea for many centuries as an ingredient in medicine and even cuisine for its widely known effects of reducing fatigue and tiredness. Its main active ingredients ginsenosides are the agents that have counter effects of stress. Ginsenosides are steroid-like phytochemicals that have adaptogenic properties, in other words, ability to reduce stress and promote an active lifestyle. Ginseng has proven effects on improving protein synthesis and neurotransmission in the brain that prepare you both physically and cognitively to perform better, despite endless work and developing stress. It also reduces the effects of the stress hormone Cortisol by helping prevent adrenal hypertrophy in the adrenal gland. In summary, Ginseng is an overall power booster that enables you to do more while staying healthy, fit and stress-free*.

EnerGin– A Power Boost to Completely Rely On

EnerGin is the ultimate result of years of scientific research done on ancient Ginseng to extract the power boost component to develop an even powerful energy supplement with extra health benefit and fewer side effects. It even improves your immune system blocking the way for disease agents to infect you. It is general that human body shows a higher susceptibility to infections when mentally and physically exhausted. Increased stress is an invitation to various disease agents. Ginseng has tested and proven effects over improving immunity. Using EnerGin not only gives you a power boost but also save you from various diseases*.

Get your energy back!

NHT Global ENERGIN 150x101With its main ingredient being Ginseng, EnerGin helps to promote a healthy physical as well as mental lifestyle. Ginseng stimulates the formation of blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the brain, while the ginsenosides, increase protein synthesis and activity of neurotransmitters in the brain, helping counter the effects of stress*.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.