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Understanding Glutathione

glutathione3The health benefits of glutathione are extensive and there is a certain level of glutathione in every cell within the body. Glutathione, an intracellular antioxidant is a tripeptide protein of three amino acids; glutamate, cysteine and glycine. Glutathione is naturally produced within the liver when the correct amounts of these three amino acids are present.
Research has shown that the level of glutathione within the cells is at its highest level at birth, then depletes over time as we age. It is essential to your health to increase the levels of glutathione and maintain them at a high level to protect yourself from degenerative diseases. There have been many methods to boost the level of glutathione in the human body, but none have been more safe and effective than Triotein.

Triotein Boosts Glutathione Naturally

Triotein is manufactured from fresh, sweet dairy whey that is concentrated, spray-dried and micro-filtered to isolate the native whey in a highly concentrated form. Triotein is not denatured and it is fully soluble.
Lactose-free Triotein is a pure dairy protein high in amino acids and supplemented with vitamin D and additional levels of the three key amino acids required for glutathione production. Triotein boosts glutathione levels in the body by providing the body the proper amounts of glutamate, cysteine and glycine. By consuming Triotein on a daily basis, you effectively ensure that your body will contain the right amounts of the precursors to glutathione, and will boost your levels of glutathione within your body.

How To Consume Triotein

Triotein is tasteless and odorless and can be mixed with anything that you choose. It is recommended that you take one scoop of Triotein each morning. This can be accomplished by mixing your scoop of Triotein with juice, yogurt, applesauce, over cereal, cottage cheese or simply with water by mixing in a small glass or bowl.
When mixing Triotein do not mix with a blender, do not heat the product and do not mix with any product that is warmer than room temperature (i.e. teas or heated drinks). The use of a blender or heating of the Triotein will kill the bioactivity of the Triotein, and the product will not perform as desired.
Each 13.2 oz. (375g) canister of Triotein has everything you need to boost your levels of glutathione. Depending on your physical health, it may change the amount of Triotein you take on a regular basis. If you are relatively healthy and want to ensure your glutathione levels are at their highest, taking one scoop of Triotein per day may be all you need.
If however, your health is not where you would like it to be, many people start using Triotein to rapidly and safely increase their glutathione levels by using the 3-2-1 method. This is taken, three scoops of Triotein per day until the first canister is completed, then change to two scoops per day for the second canister, then finally maintain your glutathione levels with one scoop per day. Note that each canister of Triotein contains 30 12.5 g servings. A 12.5 g serving scoop is provided with every canister of Triotein.

Triotein Differs from Other Glutathione Supplements

Through many studies conducted by multiple universities and independent labs, the only safe and effective way to boost glutathione levels is for the body to properly synthesise the glutathione.
Oral glutathione supplements have shown to be ineffective in raising glutathione levels. The glutathione that is contained within the oral supplement is broken down by the digestive system. Enzymes within out digestive system then extract and break down the amino acids required for glutathione production.
Triotein differs from oral supplements as the whey protein is a vehicle to deliver the amino acids to our bodies in a form that bypasses the enzymes in our digestive system. The amino acids are then released into our bodies intact, where they are then used for glutathione production.

Glutathione from Triotein

NHT Global TRIOTEIN 150x101Understanding how to protect your trillions of cells and keep them healthy is vital to your long-term health. Have the power of your master antioxidant, glutathione protecting your cells and keeping them free from the disease each and every day.
Providing the proper balance of the three essential amino acids our bodies need for glutathione synthesis, lactose-free Triotein is all you need to ensure your glutathione levels are at their peak levels for your health.
Triotein has been rated the #1 whey protein on the market for safely and effectively raising levels of glutathione. All natural, and easy for anyone to use; take charge of keeping you and your cells healthy with Triotein!