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Acai berry - Powerful superfood

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Acai berry is a powerful superfood that comes from the Euterpe Olearacea palm tree. Acai berry trees grow in the rain forests of Africa and South America.
Acai is a small berry in size, but it has had a significant impact on the human diet because of its vitamin, mineral, fiber, and antioxidant levels.[1]

Acai Berry Benefits

  • Weight loss:
    Acai berry is thought to have weight-loss benefits and has become quite popular for this use. However, there has been no scientific evidence to date proving that acai does help promote weight loss, and the FDA has asked companies that use acai berry to stop making these claims.
  • Detoxification:
    Acai may be used for cleansing the lower digestive tract, which may in turn cause some weight loss and may improve digestion.
  • Energy:
    Oprah Winfrey, along with many other celebrities, has claimed that acai supplements have been great for boosting energy levels, which also may lead to weight loss.
  • Relaxation:
    Some users report that acai berry helps them rebalance sleep patterns.
  • Focus:
    Acai berry has been used to improve both visual and mental focus.
  • Nutrition:
    Acai berry may help improve the absorption of other nutrients.[1]

Acai is considered safe with no known side effects except to individuals who are allergic to this food.

Acai Berry as an Antioxidant

Acai’s most important alternative medicine use is probably as an antioxidant. Free radicals are the byproducts of normal cell metabolism that become chemically unstable molecules; these unstable molecules can damage any healthy cell and may be the mechanism of aging. Antioxidants seek out free radicals and neutralize them so they can be excreted from the body.[1]

As an antioxidant, acai berry may help:

  • Boost immune system function, lowering the risk for everything from colds to cancer
  • Enhance libido as well as sexual performance
  • Create healthier looking skin and hair
  • Stabilize blood sugar to help prevent diabetes
  • Normalize cholesterol levels, which may help lower heart attack and stroke risks
  • Minimize inflammation
  • Increase circulation

Finding and Using Acai Berry

Acai berry does not keep well. After harvest, the berries that are not made into pulp or juice will quickly deteriorate. This is why acai berry is not often seen as a berry in the supermarket—except in places Brazil, near the areas where the berries are harvested. Most acai berries are juiced; the juice can be made into many beverages, including sodas, juice blends, slushy drinks, and smoothies. Some people think acai berry has a taste similar to chocolate and blackberries. The berry also can be dried and made into capsules.[1]

[1] http://www.alternativz.co

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