NHT Global Beauty Products

Skindulgence 30 minute non-surgical facelift
You deserve to look timeless without having to pay a fortune. Look years younger with the Skindulgence® 30-Minute NonSurgical Facelift System, which uses your facial muscles for achieving results.
Skindulgence® Facelift
Skindulgence Essence and Eye Creme
Wrinkles are little reminders of our aging.
It’s OUR turn to remind the wrinkles that age can't label you.
The fine lines improvement essence combines the best that science and nature have to offer in a complete, anti-wrinkle skin care product.
Skindulgence Time Restore
NHT Global BioCell SC Mask
New Improved BioCell mask by NHT Global. Get your skin moisturized to help look younger.  Results are visible and you can feel the difference almost instantly.
BioCell SC
Ultra-buttery hand cream that helps you to nourish your skin all day long.
This product contains the best ingredients to help your hands to stay hydrated and protected from external enviroenvironment
Botanical Hands Protector
We would like to share some of our gold treasure with you.
The new and improved 24K Renaissance Skin Rejuvenation Serum with an upgraded formula.
Now, THAT is “pure gold.”
24K Renaissance

- Life Style

NHT Global Lavie - Natural Energy Drink
LaVie’s™ key ingredients have been found to improve cardiovascular health, boost the immune system, recover lost stamina, and provide other uplifting physical benefits.
Introducing Alura Lux, an NEW and IMPROVED formulation of our top selling lifestyle product Alura by NHT Global, now paraben-free. Containing the same key combination of menthol and L-arginine and fully patented.
Alura Lux
Valura Lux by nht global
New Valura Lux for the men! increase your manhood! Many centuries, women and men around the world have struggled to find answers to better relationships and greater sexual satisfaction. 
Valura Lux

- Wellness Products

StemRenu - This advanced renewal complex features young tissue extract and nutrient-dense ingredients such as marine algae and aloe vera that nourish and restore the body to a more youthful and balanced state.

NHT Global’s Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids is extracted from high-quality fish and made in the USA. Each serving contains 600mg of EPA and 400mg of DHA, which is prescription potency.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids
NHT Global Premium Noni Juice
Time tested, Nature approved.
Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and bioflavonoids. Noni fruit works at a cellular level.
And we are bringing the highest quality of Noni fruit possible to you.
Premium Noni Juice
OcuFocus by NHT Global
To help protect one of our body’s most important assets, NHT Global has crafted the ideal blend of vibrant carotenoids, beneficial vitamins, and formidable antioxidants to support the health and function of our vision and eyes.
NHT Global Cluster X2
WATER ... What could be simpler and more complicated?
Appropriate hydration of the body is an absolute requirement for health and is essential for life itself.Cluster X2 benefits the body with increased and more efficient cell hydration.
Cluster X2
NHT Global Triorein
The body is made up of billions of cells… and it is important to keep these cells healthy. NHT Global’s Triotein™ is a high-quality, lactose-free Whey Protein powder that provides that amino acid substrates needed to stimulate the body’s production of intracellular glutathione peroxidase.
NHT Global Trifusion Max
Nature has given us the key ingredients of our incredibly powerful Trifusion Max.
This remarkable fusion creates a phytonutrient explosion to provide the body what it needs, to help function at its prime.
Trifusion Max
NHT Global FibeRich
We’ve been told how important fiber is for a healthy diet. However, most of us ignore that advice. Now there is an easy way to mark our recommended daily amount off of the checklist.
Revolutionary nutritional supplement that gives you back the glow of youthfulness while benefitting your health and well-being in multiple ways.
ReStor Silver
NHT Global Glucosamine 2200
Hurry up and start using it today! Take back the former movement skills and cease to suffer joint pain! Glucosamine 2200 - a unique dietary supplement that contributes the development of the main compounds for healthy joints and cartilage.
Glucosamine 2200
ReStor Vital energizes you throughout the day no matter where you are—at home or work, in class, at the gym, or on-the-go!
ReStor Vital
NHT Global Energin
Energin helps to promote a healthy physical as well as mental lifestyle. Ginseng stimulates the formation of blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the brain, while the ginsenosides, increase protein synthesis helps counter the effects of stress.
Enhanced Essential Probiotics
Enhanced Essential Probiotics by NHT Global helps to maintain ecological balance of intestinal micro flora helps peristalsis in the intestinal tract and supports the intestinal system.
Enhanced Essential Probiotics
CurcuMore channels the powerful health-boosting qualities of curcumin to strengthen crucial functions needed for healthy aging.


Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4
Introducing Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 product to help your kidneys to fight against modern age pollution.
Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4
LivaPro by NHT global
LivePro by NHT Global -  8 ingredients that are perfectly matched for LivaPro and we are confident that it provides the best protection for your liver.
PURUS by NHT Global
Purus is made from refined, highly-concentrated extracted essence of Gynostemma, Notoginseng, Black Fungus, and other herbs. This unique complex formula can protect the heart and cardiovascular system and act as a natural antioxidant.