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NHT Global India - Incentive trip to HongKong & Macau

NHT Global India - Incentive trip to HongKong & Macau

nht global ambassador academy 2018

Amazing promotion for our NHT Global distributors in India! 
NHT Global offers a visit to HongKong for their annual Ambassador Academy and to enjoy the city where the view of HongKong’s skyscrapers never looked this epic!

At NHT Global Ambassador Academy, you can meet all the TOP leaders in one place! So my advice is to push yourself to get to this Incentive Trip by all means!  

As you know - these type of events are the important one, not only because of enjoying the fruits of your hard work but because you can meet similar minded people and connect with them and who knows - maybe you will find yourself a good network marketing mentor! 

From my experience - the best advice on how to boost your business you can get over a coffee break. You can’t imagine how much advice I got by meeting other leaders and listening to their stores. We don’t have to invent the wheel,  just connect with several leaders and chat about your major challenges and it will surprise you how many of these leaders had similar challenges or at least someone in their team have gone through the same. As always - you never know till you ask!

Video of previous NHT Global Ambassador Academy (2018)

How to qualify for Hong Kong & Macau Incentive trip.

You are in luck if you are from India! As India is one of the new markets for NHT Global, the qualifications are not high! So, if you are a new distributor, don’t worry - you can still qualify for this trip!

There are 3 qualification levels (4th is an extra - for Special Centurions)

1st qualification level (for people who recently joined)

To achieve that, you need to reach 3500 PV/PGV (PV - Personal Volume: your own orders, PGV - Personal Group Volume: All the purchases by your sponsored people). Let’s create a table of how many people you need to register to reach the 1st qualification level. 


# of people

Total BV

per month 

Platinum (1250 BV) 3 3750 0.6
Gold (500BV) 7 3500 1.4
Emerald (250BV) 14 3500 2.8
Ruby (125) 28 3500 5.6
Half Ruby Promo (63BV) 56 3528 11.2

We can see, that it’s not so complicated at all - you have to focus on attracting serious leaders, then during the 5 month time you need to attract only 3 leaders who start with Platinum, or 7 people who start with Gold package - and that’s it!
My advice is always at the beginning to focus on business-minded people - find the Top leaders/achievers, and masses will follow. Look around and ask yourself - whom do you know who is a successful person - either in business or at their job and don’t be shy to approach them - you can always use the indirect approach if you are still new to this business - and ALWAYS use your upline!

We have done a lot of training for you to succeed! You can watch training videos in Hindi at our video library: http://video.globalwellbeing.eu 

2n Qualification level

This is the level where many people achieve by IRP (International Recognition Plan) - if you are not familiar with it, check this document:  NHT-Global-International-recognition-plan-IRP.jpg4.18 MB

IRP and Supreme Bonus video (Hindi)


To reach the 2nd qualification level for this trip, you can also work with your prospects sign up new people (you will need 5000 PV/PGV), in this case, the calculations are:


# of people

Total BV

Per Month

Platinum (1250 BV) 4 5000 1
Gold (500BV) 10 5000 2
Emerald (250BV) 20 5000 4
Ruby (125) 40 5000 8
Half Ruby Promo (63BV) 80 5040 16

As you see - it’s a HUGE difference in what people you are targeting. If you are going for the masses, you will have to sign up a person every 2 days, but if you are working with Leaders and business-minded people who are ready to choose the position which is best for business (Gold and Platinum have one of the highest payouts), you can invest more time in coaching, having a 3way calls and other activities to help them develop their business. If you go for the masses, you can’t spend quality time with all the people you sign up!

Another way to qualify for the 2nd qualification level for this trip is by IRP Program. Either by having 2 IRP level (Leader 4,000 / 8,000 CBV - CBV is for Cumulative Business Volume, which means ALL the BVs from ALL of your downlines) for 2 months out of 5 or by achieving 3rd IRP level (Group Leader 7,500 / 15,000 CBV) for 1 month of 5.

IRP levels you will achieve by having a solid leadership team where you need to train them, support and mentor. This approach takes longer before you get to that, but it’s more stable than just running around and signing up a lot of mediocre people. 

3rd and 4th Qualification level

This is a bonus for you and your spouse - it’s always nice to have your closest ones to enjoy the fantastic experience on these incentive trips! If you are aiming towards this level, then I suppose you already understand what you have to do to achieve that! 

See you all in HongKong!