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New MLM in india launched in 2019

NHT Global India

nht logoNew MLM in India has recently launched its business! As you may know, NHT Global is an international, publicly-traded (NASDAQ: NHTC) company with a solid track record and doing business in over 50 countries. Thanks to its top leadership, the company has built a successful network of distributors in many markets around the world;


There were so many network marketing distributors who were looking forward to seeing NHT global in India! And as always, if you work toward your goals, the dreams come true!
We had an official NHT Global pre-launch event in March 2019 and later the first corporate office opening event in Mumbai. 
So now the company is fully operational in India, with local warehouse, local payments, and local support! 

For those who haven’t heard about NHT Global, there are several success factors what makes this company different:

The products

As with every company - the products are one of the top priorities to have a successful and long-living business model, without products which work and are affordable, companies wouldn’t survive long. 
There are many companies, which have poor product quality and therefore no returning customer base, and the only way for such companies to survive is to introduce new produces frequently, because otherwise, the company would be out of business quickly. 
NHT Global has base products that have been in their product line for a long time. For example, Alura is the product with which the company started in 2001 - and it’s still there and you can buy this unique product only from NHT Global, as it’s patented, and only NHT Global has exclusive rights to sell it worldwide. Here is a shortlist of more products that have changed people's lives:

People who use the products by NHT Global in the long term, often recommend it to their friends and families. For a company which has stayed in the market for around 20 years, it is important to keep the standard of their products high and maintain the quality of the production facilities they use - in all cases, they are using facilities with GMP certification. 

The compensation plan

NHT Global has one of the highest, documented payout in the industry (44-49%) - this is because the company doesn’t invest huge amounts into brand marketing. 
The company prefers to pay more to their distributors and leave the marketing activities to them. For serious leaders, this is one of the best approaches - as we want to decide by ourselves on where and how we are spending the money. 
The compensation plan is very simple, but, at the same time,  super powerful!
NHT Global has a hybrid compensation plan that has both, generation and binary (2 teams) system. And the most amazing thing is that they pay you from an unlimited depth of your organization - it’s an amazing compensation plan to build a global business.


None of the network marketing companies could survive without dedicated and ethical leadership.
In this NHT Global excels - we have many leaders who are spending a lot of their time to help other leaders to become successful in their business and by mentoring and changing their perception about themselves. 
As in most cases - people are failing not because of the company, but because of their poor mindset. Poor mindset is the number 1 reason of our failure. We understand that and that’s why we do a lot of personal development training for all our distributors. 

NHT Global culture

This is big! One of the keys to the successes of NHT Global is their ethical culture, which in countries like India is rare and, attracts serious leaders from countless other organizations. 
In NHT Global, they treat every distributor equal - even if you had 20+ years experience and in previous companies, you had 1,00 000 distributors you will not get any special treatment. Company doesn’t offer special deals or business development funds - instead, the company offers to everyone to join their yearly program: Supreme Bonus - where everyone, based on their achievements, can get benefits like:

  • Additional cash bonus (~17 000 USD - to 25 000USD)
  • Business trip or event organization subsidy (organize an event and get reimbursements for the flights, hotel, venue, etc)
  • Global Event subsidy (reimbursement of business expenses, like flight, hotel)
  • Car bonus (~25 000 USD), and more

The Company

NHT Global is one of the network marketing companies which rapidly expands in India. Every day we see a big number of new distributor sign-ups and product sales. But still - this is just a beginning for NHT Global in India! Soon the company will launch more products so distributors can target a wider customer audience!