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new improved stemrenu

Improved StemRenu Formula!

Improved StemRenu is here!

NHT Global just annoucend a New improved formula for their one of the sold stem cell technology product - StemRenu!

Here are some of the highlights of the new updated formula of StemRenu:

  1. Same Avian Egg Extract source from Norway
  2. More Avian Egg Extract percentage in one capsule Black Pepper Extract to improve absorption in the body. 3 step process including powerful enzymes
  3. Added Powerful ingredients on top of the same previous formula.
  4. Shark Cartilage was taken out of the formula. (If you still want to get the benefits of this ingredient you can get it from our top of the line Glucosamine 2200)
  5. Veggie Capsules replacing Bovine (made from Cows) Capsules
  6. Formulated & Manufactured and backed by World Renowned Medical Doctor Ben Baechler who has formulated and manufactured 100's of successful Health and Nutrition products including NHT's Triotein, Omega 3, Active Line along with the Botanical Hand Protector

With all these additional benefits and added ingredients on top of a powerful original product the Pricing will remain the same

Planned product launches:

  • North America Q3 2019
  • HK/Asia Q4 2019
  • Peru Q3 2019
  • Russia Q1 2020
  • EU Q1 2020
  • Mexico Q4-2019 - Q1-2020

Stay tuned for Dr. Ben Baechler webinar coming soon for more information!

Please note you can still purchase the powerful original formula and continue to enjoy its benefits until the updated formula is released in your country!