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The importance of healthy cardiovascular system

cardio vascularFrom high blood pressure or in other words hypertension suffers a huge amount of people around the world. Most of all, this problem affects the adult population, representing quite a serious threat to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

What is hypertension?
Blood to all organs of the body delivers blood vessels - arteries and high blood pressure mean that heart has to pump blood through the narrowed vessels with a large effort. The main task, in this case, is to expand the blood vessels and reduce the load on the heart.

The solution has been given by nature itself. It gave to people a great product, whose effect plays an important role in the lives of people suffering from hypertension. It is already well known all around the world - Noni juice.

How in this situation can help Noni juice?
The fact is that the noni fruit contains component - scopoletin, which has been actively involved in the expansion of shrunk blood vessels.


One of the amazing Scopoletin features is that its effect is not just simply reducing high blood pressure, but it also increases the lowered. In other words, scopoletin stimulates blood pressure normalization.

But if chemically pure scopoletin can change the pressure to the level of " unhealthy ", then using scopoletin in the composition of noni juice, blood pressure indicator does not deviate from the physiological norm how and by what is happening an adaptogenic effect of scopoletin? Such a therapeutic effect is achieved through the interaction of scopoletin in the composition of noni juice with other useful substances.

Normal blood pressure is not the rule, but exception

Nowadays normal blood pressure by far is not a rule, but the exception. The most hypertensive patients do not pay enough attention to this problem, they just used to have to live with it, thereby exposing themselves to the risk of insult.

Modern medicine has already recognized the knowledge and experience of old times with a view to their application. Thanks to many studies noni juice takes its rightful place among the natural medicines to combat hypertension.

Thanks to many studies noni juice takes its decent place among the natural medicines to fight hypertension.

Studies of 1993

In 1993, researchers from the University of Hawaii isolated scopoletin from the noni fruit compound. By itself, scopoletin has healing properties. Besides, it is one of the few substances in noni juice, which, according to scientists, binds with serotonin, that is important chemical substance in the human body. Other serotonin binding compound has not yet been highlighted in noni juice, but the juice is extremely high ability to bind to serotonin, what is revealed by the laboratory tests, proves that they exist.

By its own, it is lowering the blood pressure

By its own scopoletin causes hypotension (drop in blood pressure) in the laboratory conditions. Scopoletin dilates blood vessels, causing blood to circulate easier and that leads to a blood pressure lowering. By the way, it is proved that scopoletin kills different types of bacteria and is considered a fungicide to Pythium sp. It has been proved that scopoletin has an anti-inflammatory effect and is able to block the release of histamine. Numerous reports of the successful use of noni in the treatment of arthritis and allergies are linked with these properties.

Compound that binds to serotonin

Scopoletin has no just a therapeutic property. It is also one of the chemical compounds in the noni fruit that binds to serotonin - a necessary element available in human blood cells, the digestive tract and the brain. In the laboratory, the University of Hawaii studied extracts from eight other medicinal plants, and none of them surpassed noni's ability to connect with serotonin receptors.

About that how important is this ability of noni juice, can be seen in the study of the function of serotonin in the body. In the brain, serotonin serves as a neurotransmitter and precursor of a hormone called melatonin. It is considered that serotonin plays an important role in activities such as sleep, thermoregulation, hunger and sexual behaviour. Furthermore, the absence of serotonin is the cause of several diseases, including a migraine, depression, and even Alzheimer's disease.


This page contains information about compounds found in Noni juice and those health benefits, but it doesn’t mean that it can replace medicine.

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