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Antioxidants & free radicals

antioxidants1Today everyone knows about antioxidants. About the need for antioxidants to preserve the health and beauty today is no longer questioned. Biology of free radicals - is a new research direction, which today helps to fight against the most serious diseases of our time

Antioxidants and Health

The prefix «anti-» means «against», «oxys» - sour. substance resisting from oxidation or delaying it is called "antioxidant".
Antioxidants fight free radicals - molecules whose structure is unstable and affects the body - fatally. Free radicals can cause aging process, damaging the cells of the body.
Oxidative stress, caused by free radicals is thought to cause cancer, atherosclerosis, asthma, diabetes, and many other autoimmune diseases. The aging process, according to scientists, is also a consequence of the destructive activity of free radicals and because of it, they have to be neutralized. These tasks antioxidants are doing excellent.

Effect of antioxidants is the ability to restore the necessary balance and eliminate oxidative stress.

What kinds of antioxidants exists

Dietary antioxidants - the best-known substance that opposes free radicals. However, antioxidants do not get into our body from the outside, but they also get produced in our bodies.

Types of antioxidants:

  • Enzyme antioxidants - superoxide dismutase, catalase, and others - are present in all tissues of the body
  • Low molecular weight antioxidants - vitamins C, A, E, K, flavonoids, minerals zinc and selenium, female sex hormones, steroid hormones

By origin, there can be two types of antioxidants, natural antioxidants or synthetic.

Natural antioxidants are contained in foods. Fruits and vegetables - are the main suppliers of substances that prevent oxidative stress.

Synthetic antioxidants - medicines and dietary supplements as well as food additives E300-E399, which are added to extend their expiration date.

When we need antioxidants the most

Oxidative stress occurs due to UV radiation, improper unbalanced diet. The need for additional materials that resists from free radicals occurs in the elderly, during illness, stress and while dieting.
You must remember that the antioxidizing activity occurs only when you use a complex of antioxidants.
Proper diet, including adequate amounts of vitamins and micronutrients - is a good source of antioxidants, what provides us with health and long life.

What are free radicals

Free radicals - are the result of incorrect processes that occur inside the body, and the result of human activity. Free radicals also appear in an unfavourable environment, with bad climate, hazardous conditions of production and changes in temperature.

Even when humans lead a healthy lifestyle, it is exposed to free radicals that destroy the structure of the body's cells and stimulate the production of the new free radicals. Antioxidants protect healthy cells from the damage of oxidation and free radicals. But in order to preserve our body healthy, we need sufficient amount of antioxidants. And exactly- the products containing antioxidants.

Consequences of free radical activities

Each year, doctors, scientists expand the list of diseases caused by free radicals. As an example- the risk of cancer, heart and vascular diseases, eye diseases, cataracts, and also arthritis and other bone deformation.

With these diseases successfully fights antioxidants. They help to make a person healthier and less prone to the effects of the environment. Studies have shown that antioxidants help control weight and stabilize the metabolism. That’s why people should use them in sufficient quantities.

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